Joanna Marszalska

First and foremost: the human being

Psycholog Biznesu Joanna Marszalska

For more than 10 years of my professional experience as a business psychologist and team manager, I have worked focusing on people, aiming at understanding them in all their diversity to be able to help them effectively. I have worked in and developed worldwide corporations, private businesses, state institutions, and individuals.

My work is based first of all on experiences, their plenitude and diversity. I have gone through changes so many times myself that they have become a natural part of my life and I strongly believe they are positive and facilitate growth.

I am a highly sensitive woman myself and I cannot accept other people’s suffering.

I appreciate that business can be conducted in accordance with one’s values to respond to the needs of the society. I realise the challenges of such approach and I support those who either want to choose this path or are already on this journey and need support in the challenges.

I take ownership of being a part of building a business culture in Poland based on the approach that the human being always goes first.

In my work as a psychologist, I utilise my own personal experiences of numerous changes of environments, cultures, relocations and travels met with openness to people, and constant exploration of human nature to better understand it and be able to help effectively.

“We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.”  

Carl Gustav Jung

Joanna Marszalska


I am a business psychologist with more than 10 years of professional experience and a certified Scrum Master. My hands-on experience in business allows me to better understand the dilemmas and emotional challenges that my patients face. I can especially effectively help those adults, whose issues are related to their work and who often experience extensive inner suffering.

During my 5-year MA course at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków I have acquired psychological knowledge. After graduation, I have acquired professional experience at, among others, the Clinical Department of Psychiatry of Adults, Children and Adolescents of the University Hospital in Kraków, at the J. Brzechwa Infant Care Home in Kraków and during cooperation with the Itaka Foundation. I am a co-founder of the Slow Business Academy. I have co-run developmental groups and workshops, including ecology workshops on how to live a Zero Waste life. In my therapeutical practice I follow the rules of the Code of Ethics of the Polish Psychological Association and I put my work under supervision on a regular basis.

I have also graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics.


I have worked with my own body for 9 years, expanding my self-awareness via practicing African dance styles. I am interested in the culture of the Near and the Far East, I explore mindfulness, practice yoga and meditation. During my travels I discover people trying to understand their mentality and culture. I am also interested in religions, politics and law, and management in multicultural aspects.

I have undergone my own individual psychotherapy and coaching.

I focus on a holistic approach to people, as a unity of mind, body and soul.

I think strategically, developing my female intuition constantly.

My many years of experience in business equips me to provide effective psychological support to managers, corporate employees, business owners and business people.

I offer online psychological sessions in Polish and English. I support my patients and clients in psychological and business challenges.

Visit my LinkedIn profile to find more information on my education and professional experience.

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