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I support my patients and clients in psychological and business challenges.

My many years of a broad-ranging experience in business allows me to effectively and successfully support corporate employees, managers, businesspeople and business owners.

I provide online psychological sessions in Polish and English.

To answer such question, I need to indicate that within a month we devote approximately 200 hours to work, 224 hours to sleep and 296 hours is our free time we spend with our families, friends, taking a rest or thinking about our work, spending time with our colleagues from work, discussing work or educating ourselves professionally.

Thus we may assume that in a psychological aspect we devote approximately half or life to work, and sometimes even more than that.

Where does work addiction begin?

Can work become a kind of a stimulant, socially accepted but nevertheless addictive? How to recognise the symptoms? How to relax in a healthy way? How and when to motivate oneself and when to put some pressure? When and how go through change? How to build a team, delegate or take care of healthy atmosphere?

Business psychology covers psychological aspects necessary for healthy functioning in business. This encompasses answering the above questions, and more.

Highly sensitive women in business need specific psychological approach and understanding. Sessions with a business psychologist will help them solve issues related to the professional area at peace with their high feminine sensitivity.

We all encounter extremely challenging and aggravating issues. Sessions with a psychologist will help regain psychological and emotional stability and endurance.

Sessions with a business psychologist, dedicated and focused on solving issues related to professional life, professional development, managing stress.

I help adult patients in managing psychological issues in:

  • business development and responsibility it brings
  • femininity and high sensitiveness in business
  • growth mindset
  • uncertainty and anxiety related to change – fear of tomorrow
  • remote working
  • business relationships
  • communication
  • burnout
  • building authority and confidence within a team
  • stress reduction
  • coping with change
  • emotions in business
  • conflicts – raising and solving
  • professional development


I work on individual, group and workshop sessions with business. I support and develop people in organizations within communication, relations, culture differences and diversity aspects. I work with: 

  • Managers
  • HR teams
  • Women in business
  • Experts, e.g. pilots, trainers, engineers,


psycholog biznesu joanna marszalska
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