Single sessions covering elements of psychoeducation, when we discuss the patient’s needs and issues.

psycholog Joanna Marszalska

Long term process of sessions with a psychologist, when we work on achieving professional, personal or social goals.

psycholog Joanna Marszalska

Developing or revalidation one’s own managerial style in their professional environment, based on values, at peace with oneself and in freedom. Choice of professional path and building autonomy and independence.

psycholog Joanna Marszalska

An alien culture involves foreign language, different mindset and relationships with people, politics and general functioning of a foreign country. If you live in a country other than your homeland and find it difficult, a psychological support may help you function well in another culture while staying true to yourself.

During sessions with a psychologist, you will receive support in maintaining emotional stability while in difficult circumstances (relocation, loss of a close person, divorce, illness).

psycholog Joanna Marszalska

Sessions with a business psychologist dedicated and focused on solving issues related to professional life and development, and stress reduction.

Highly sensitive women in business need a specific psychological approach and understanding. Sessions with a business psychologist will help them solve issues related to professional life taking into account women’s high sensitivity.

Change is an inevitable element of our world: changing jobs, homes, couples parting or building new relationships. Sessions with a psychologist will help to cope with changes.

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