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Joanna Marszalska - Psychologist

I am a business psychologist and a certified Scrum Master. With more than 10 years of managerial experience in business I can better understand the dilemmas and emotional challenges of my patients. I can especially effectively help adults whose psychological suffering is related to their work and professional environment. I offer psychological sessions in Polish and English.

My mission is building a business culture within people and organisations with the human beings and their mental and physical health as the real and central value.

psycholog Joanna Marszalska

I help adult patients who:


  • suffer from lasting and intensive stress often related to their sense of great responsibility for other people: their team, clients, co-workers, employees, family
  • experience constant change and the pressure caused by the effort to adapt to the pace and volume of the change is overwhelming
  • achieved numerous external successes yet face inner psychological suffering (low self-esteem, panic attacks, anxiety, sense of guilt, neurosis, constant doubt)
  • often feel burdened with high financial risk and the consequences of difficult decisions they have to make
  • suffer from extensive professional pressure
  • experience professional difficulties influencing their interpersonal relations within their family, romantic relationship and work
  • experience difficulties in coping with current difficulties in their personal or professional life


All of us need time to get to know and understand ourselves

We naturally tend to explore what we need and what we want to remain true to ourselves, especially in today’s VUCA world, filled with duties, haste and stress.

If you want to take care of yourself, find yourself in a particularly difficult situation or your stress level is extremely high, I am happy to see you here because you can find here the support you need.

Abdelhamid Dessouky
Abdelhamid Dessouky
11:10 28 May 21
Amazing service, professional and supportive.
Zofia Owczarczyk
Zofia Owczarczyk
14:18 18 May 21
Great contact, flexibility and professional approach to cooperation - I recommend it!
Krzysztof Bednarczyk
Krzysztof Bednarczyk
08:42 13 May 21
I sincerely recommend! Great business cooperation, full professionalism and excellent communication.
Michał Lassota
Michał Lassota
17:24 11 May 21
Doskonała i nienaganna współpraca, polecam z pełną odpowiedzialnością.
Bartłomiej Świstak Piotrowski
Bartłomiej Świstak Piotrowski
17:22 11 May 21
I recommend Psychologist Joanna Marszalska - she cares about relationships and enters them professionally.
Aleksandra Zalewska
Aleksandra Zalewska
12:33 10 May 21
I recommend it with all my heart. Extremely pleasant and fruitful business cooperation.
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